The Nolita Project Inc

The Nolita Project is a nonprofit organization founded in Baltimore, Maryland.

About Us

About Us

The Nolita Project is a nonprofit organization founded in Baltimore, Maryland. It is founded upon the principles of the importance of education for youth and generating strong community ties in support of youth prosperity and success. The Nolita Project was created by Wesley Hawkins in remembrance of his mother, the late Nolita Smith. It is Nolita’s legacy of struggle and strength that has inspired The Nolita Project’s concept of educating and inspiring the youth.

The Mission

The Nolita Project is an initiative that inspires youth in struggling communities to restore their engagement in education, therefore, creating successful leaders.

Empowering Transitions

Providing essential support for smooth reentry and success.

Holistic Family Services

Offering integrated care for the entire family unit.

The Vision

The Nolita Project a youth mentorship program that will inspire youth to stay connected with the education system and learn valuable transferable skills to be productive citizens in society.

Family-Centric Support

Empowering families with holistic resources for returning citizens and their children.

Recidivism Reduction

Aiming to lower recidivism rates through tailored services for families.


The Nolita Project believes in collaboration and partners with RSN Sports DMV to teach students skills required or related to the Broadcasting Field.

Collaborative Resource Access

Partnering to provide comprehensive care for parents and children.

Community Engagement

Extending support through housing, transportation, and specialized workshops.


    Whatever Your Reason for Donating and However You Choose to Make Your Donation, We Are Grateful for Your Support. Your investment in The Nolita Project, Inc. will have a lasting impact on more than just one young person, it will have a ripple effect that reaches hundreds of thousands of kids and their mentors each year. Thank you, in advance, for giving the gift of mentoring – because no young person should have to walk the road alone.

Our Experts.

Our Team

Wesley Hawkins

Executive Director

Walter Stone Sanders

Vice President

Jamal Turners


Jeremy Babb

Case Manager

Sonce Reese

Board Member

Erika Groover

Board Member